Personal Trainers..Need a place to train your clients?


Independent personal trainers welcome. 
Are you a trainer looking for a facility to train your clients? Here at Mike West Fitness we are now leasing space at the most affordable rent in the whole Bay Area .The deal we are doing is starting January 1,2018 only $400/month to the first three trainers who sign up yes $400 hundred a month and train your clients as much as you want.

We are we all know rents are sky-high and If you’re a trainer training at a chain gym i know your use to having to hit numbers every month you know the goal sheet.We know this because most of us all worked in many chain gyms and know how it works.But what i’m offering to you is why give them 2,3 or even 4k a month when all that can go directly to you.Yep you heard right at our facility INDEPENDENT PERSONAL TRAINERS are welcome.

Most gym’s have a policy no outside training well that’s not a problem here we welcome you and your clients.We look at it as more exposure for us-if it wasn’t for you guys we would have possibly never seen those members.

Personal trainers and independent personal trainers out there should be going crazy after seeing this deal because everybody knows all you have to do is have one solid client and that will cover your rent all the rest is profit. This is a limited-time offer for the first three trainers who sign up.Contact us using the contact us form