Powerlifting Gear & Equipment For Sale

If you wish to purchase any equipment or powerlifting gear simply use our contact us page and send us a message or contact the facility and leave a message at 510-706-6826

We have more gear in stock if want to see pictures or purchase items send us an email through our contact page.

  1. Inzer phenom bench shirt size 58 $100
  2. Startrac treadmill (elevation doesn’t raise up) $100

Titan Velocity Deadlift suit sumo stance size 50 (like new)$150

Inzer Hardcore squat suit size 35  Brand New $120

Ehphd blast 56,$70 these go for $100 on inzer website

Fury size (used)46 ,48 $70

Inzer power pants size 32 $10

Standard denim(new) $70 chest 41 arm 18 These are $100 on inzer site

Metal King Deadlifter size 42 (like new)$100 they sell for $206 on their site

titan super centurion r/s size 32 (like new)$120 They sell for $220 on titan site

titan centurian briefs r/s size 34 $40 These sell for $80 on titan website